Courtney Buckley and the Drive Behind Your Mom's Donuts

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“I would like people to think of us as an ethical business…A big part of having the business for me is being a part of the community - to give other people jobs.”

This October, Courtney Buckley will celebrate the 5th anniversary of her business, Your Mom’s Donuts. The idea was to run a (family) business…support her family and pay her employees a living wage. “I originally just wanted a family-friendly donut shop,” she said.

Back then, she was a brand new mom who delivered her donuts to people. Now, she owns three locations (Matthews, Charlotte and Monroe, NC) and is scouting around for more (looking at Davidson and South Charlotte). “I’m getting to the point where I’d like to grow this to a much larger brand, regionally,” she said. Courtney employees four full-time and three part-time employees. “I’m always looking for an opportunity (for another shop),” she said. Her Matthews kitchen, at her flagship store, is used to bake donuts for the other locations. Nearly 2,100 donuts were made on a recent Saturday, alone.

Her donuts remain square, not round; her flavors are all natural and are sometimes found right at the Farmer’s Market: carrot-thyme; strawberry fennel jam; snow pea glaze with yogurt drizzle; sliced beets; cucumber-mint; and basil when it’s available. “I didn’t want anything here that I wouldn’t find in my own kitchen,” she said. Her one caveat? The recent addition of sprinkles on her donuts. Everyone wanted sprinkles, she said, which she “fought and fought and fought,” but recently agreed to add them on top.

Nothing is premade; everything possible is found locally; and she supports local businesses, too (Pure Intentions Coffee, for example).

ymd interior 3.jpg

While donuts are her main staple, any leftovers at the end of the day are turned into donut bread pudding at night – a fan favorite.

It is not lost on Courtney that she remains one of the few women entrepreneurs in the Charlotte food-service industry. “I’m constantly trying to find other women as mentors,” she said. “Most of the mentors I go to are men.” She added that she sometimes encounters sexism in the workplace to which she responds by “put(ting) my head down and just go. It’s like white noise. We get used to it as women,” she said.

It is her wish that she can serve as a mentor to younger women entering the food service industry, and as a role model to her children. “I think I’m an entrepreneur first; I think that’s what makes me the mother I am. I WANT my girls to see their mom do something,” she said.

She would also like to continue giving back to her employees and the community at large. “I would like people to think of us as an ethical business, a business which not only treats their employees fairly but puts out a good product without thinking about the bottom dollar,” said Courtney. “A big part of having the business for me is being a part of the community - to give other people jobs.”

“There are people that I delivered to their doors (and) they had two kids, now they have four. I have watched their families grow, and I LOVE that. It’s an amazing thing to feel part of something so much bigger,” she said.

Ultimately, it’s the joy – of baking, being a mom and an entrepreneur, supporting her family, living within a tight-knit community, giving back whenever possible, and satisfying her customers which drives Courtney on. “Donuts make people happy,” she said. “Nobody walks into a donut shop in a bad mood.”

Photo courtesy Your Mom’s Donuts

Photo courtesy Your Mom’s Donuts

Your Mom’s Donuts: 11025 Monroe Rd, Matthews

Mon – Fri 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sat 7:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Sun Closed

Matthews Morning Minute: October 15, 2018

News About Town: The Crews Road Rec Center floor has been refinished and is ready for play. Lingefelt Flooring sanded, sealed, striped, and polyurethaned the floor to a shiny new finish. The lengthy process started in August and is now cured and ready for open gym.

Photo courtesy of Zac Lingefelt,    Lingefelt Flooring   .

Photo courtesy of Zac Lingefelt, Lingefelt Flooring.

News Around Town: The McKee Road Extension Public Meeting is this evening. From 4 until 7 PM NCDOT will be on-hand at Pleasant Plains Baptist Church Family Life Center (3316 Pleasant Plains Road) to answer questions and provide preliminary information about the segment of McKee that will connect Pleasant Plains Road to East John Street.

Comments will be received at tonight’s meeting. If you prefer a direct contact, email NCDOT Division Project Team Lead Sean Epperson or call 704-983-4400. You may also submit comments in writing to 716 W. Main Street, Albemarle, N.C., 28001. Submit comments prior to October 29, 2018.


Past to Present: Crestdale’s Roseland Cemetery

Photo by Cyma Shapiro

Photo by Cyma Shapiro

When the Taft Development Group (TDG) begins breaking ground in mid-November on the multi-use 21-acre “Proximity Matthews” complex on 10252 Monroe Rd., Charlotte native and UNC anthropology major Hoke Thompson will be marshaling area townspeople to begin carefully clearing out fallen trees and debris on Roseland Cemetery, located on the back of the property.  

Roseland Cemetery, also known as the town’s African American Cemetery is the final resting place of approximately 75 former slaves, many of whom were also Crestdale residents.  The descendants of many of those buried at Rosedale still own or live on their family land.

roseland cyma 3 pronounced.jpg

There are many sunken spaces once believed to hold graves and a few still-standing and barely legible gravestones.

Photo by Cyma Shapiro

Overgrown and in total disrepair, the less than two-acre plot is on private property with limited accessibility. There are many sunken spaces believed to once hold graves and a few still-standing and barely legible gravestones. Six years ago, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission designated the cemetery as an historic landmark.

Having originally worked on restoring the Native American and free slave burial cemetery on the grounds of Sardis Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, Hoke Thompson has experience with this type of venture.  Now the Project Manager for this historic cemetery reclamation project, Thompson first showed interest as an Eagle Scout and has waited two long years to see this all of this come to fruition. “I’ve been eager to get in there and fix it up,” he said.  He will also be joined by Paula Lester, president of the Matthews Historical Commission, members of the Matthews Preservation Advisory Committee and others.

According to Dustin Mills, VP of TDG, the cemetery will not be impacted by nearby construction. “There will be no tractors or tree (work there),” said Mills. “It will be preserved in its present state... We’re committed to making this an area which will be beneficial to those who have loved ones in the cemetery and allow them to have access to it, (too).”

Photo by Cyma Shapiro

Photo by Cyma Shapiro

Artist Tom Risser Puts Heart in Matthews Art

Photo by Cyma Shapiro

Photo by Cyma Shapiro

Sculptor, skater, and corporate man Tom Risser

Sculptor, skater, and corporate man Tom Risser

For many people driving quickly down South Trade Street, they may have seen or glanced at the nearly eight-foot metal heart sculpture off the sidewalk at the front of Stumptown Park.

Known as “PDA or Public Display of Affection,” the piece was loaned to the town in 2013 by philanthropist, skateboarder, and sculptor, Tom Risser. Should someone choose to buy it, the price is $5000.

“I’ve been placing little heart-symbols in my work for 15 years,” said Risser.

This message was amplified nearly three years ago when he suffered a massive heart attack and had quintuple by-pass surgery. “I always put heart in my art,” he said.

Owner of US Bottlers Machinery Company, a Charlotte-based specialized packaging company, nearly all of the materials he uses for his artwork are left-over metals from his company - refurbished and repurposed scrap stainless steel. He sees his contribution as “just putting (in) my labor and imagination for it.”


A philosophical and intentioned man, Risser feels strongly about the work he does: “art itself is just an escape, a therapy – rehab,” and the places his art lands on: “I love the fact that Matthews is willing to put art out in public space…..Let’s take and put art (out) for public viewing.”

Risser’s other artistic contribution to Matthews is the small horse sculpture in the town’s pocket park located on Old 51 near Town Hall – a memorial to Kay Plyler, a deceased town employee.

Matthews Morning Minute: September 26, 2018

News About Town: During their November 27, 2017 meeting the Board of Commissioners approved a preliminary design for a pedestrian crossing at North Trade Street between Matthews Station and Brakeman’s/105 Cigar. Town staff estimated hiring a consultant for the preliminary design work would come in around $10,000.

When proposals came back Alta Design, the best qualified firm estimated $81,221 for the preliminary design work. No decision was made and the Board has asked town staff for more information.


News Above Town: If humid and sticky is your thing then you’re in luck this week. The last couple times the Weather Channel has called for storms the forecast changed, but right now they say we can expect afternoon storms and a high around 87.

News Around Town: For more than three decades ArtFest, now Artwalk and MusicFest, has been bringing art to the forefront in downtown Matthews. Beyond the usual Juried Fine Art Show and High School Art Exhibit, and live music, the Matthews Chamber of Commerce has expanded the kids art area as well as  craft beer & wine. Get some extra culture this Saturday, September 29, on the green in front of Town Hall from 10 AM until 6 PM.


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Throwback Thursday: A Living Legacy (circa 2009)

With permission, The Beacon is archiving past issues of Matthews News and Record (also called The Record and The Matthews Record) articles online. Throwback Thursday articles will include relevant content still facing Matthews today. This article was originally published June 11, 2009.

tbt sept 20.jpg

A Living Legacy by Janet Denk

The Town of Matthews Appearance and Tree Commission is a program to enhance and protect our town’s tree canopy, and in doing so the town is looking for detailed information about the town’s big trees.

The committee is asking citizens of Matthews to participate in nominating, inventorying, and mapping trees for the Living Legacy Tree Program. This will allow the town to identify and recognize the largest, rarest, oldest and prettiest of trees of various species in Matthews.

All you have to do to nominate a tree for the Living Legacy Tree Program is Pick up a form and fill out the information listed. You will also need to measure the circumference of the tree at 4 1/2 feet up from the ground with a flexible tape measure.

Once your nomination is received, you will be contacted by someone who will come to your location and measure the tree’s girth, height and crown spread. This information will then be recorded in an inventory with other trees nominated. This inventory will supplement the inventory the town currently has of public trees within the Town limits.

Matthews Morning Minute, September 12, 2018

News About Town: All eyes are on Florence. FEMA has a thorough list for preparations. has information regarding all of North Carolina. Locally, stay updated with CharMeck Alerts.

ReadyNC has an app where you can follow developments of Hurricane Florence.

ReadyNC has an app where you can follow developments of Hurricane Florence.

News Above Town: They keep saying thunderstorms, but we’ve only had a few rumbles. What will tomorrow bring? Humidity for sure, and maybe scattered thunderstorms.  Temps will reach the upper 80s. The big question is, what will Thursday bring?

News Around Town: The forecast has us avoiding the worst of the storm, but that hasn’t stopped residents from rushing for supplies. It’s breaking news when a lucky few find bread, water, or gasoline.


One Good Thing: Tickets are available for Blues & BBQ, an annual fundraiser for COS Kids, October 5. COS Kids fills a niche in Matthews by offering affordable full day childcare. Blues & BBQ supports the efforts to provide safe, accessible child care for single parents through an evening of lively music and delicious fare.

Matthews Morning Minute: September 6, 2018


News About Town: The Cottage Greenway Project goes before the Board of Adjustment next Thursday (Sepember 13). Town Public Works department has recommended construction of a private road for the subdivision. According to the Town’s Unified Development Ordinance, all streets must be dedicated public. The quasi-judicial Board of Adjustment must determine several findings before approving or denying the request for variance.


News Above Town: The Weather Channel says we’re heading back to the 90s, but don’t start singing Pearl Jam yet. The evenings take us back to the low 70s.

News Around Town: It’s time for the September First Thursday Matthews Crawl. Check out the vendors on the green in front of town hall, then hit up Moe’s BBQ for a Thanksgiving Sandwich or $1.25 ribs.

One Fun Thing: The monarchs are here! Monarchs migrate in the spring and again in the fall. It’s not quite fall, but a few have been spotted around town on their way to Mexico. How’d they know Matthews is a pit stop on the Butterfly Highway?

Matthews Morning Minute: September 5, 2018

News About Town: Just on the heels of the John Street widening project, NCDOT unveiled their plans to widen Highway 51 between Sardis Road and John Street. This is the first phase of a widening plan that will extend to Mint Hill. NCDOT’s goal is to improve traffic flow with the most current designs, including a continuous flow intersection. Neighbors through the corridor are left with uncertainty about their homes.


News Above Town:  The Weather Channel shows highs in the upper 80s and lows around 70. Don’t turn off the AC yet.

News Around Town: Baked Well’s made-from-scratch Cookies for Claire satisfy your sweet tooth and your desire to do good deeds. Fifty percent of each cookie sale goes to Claire’s Army, a non-profit that supports families fighting childhood cancer and your desire to do good deeds. (Image from Baked Well’s Facebook page)

Open Tuesday thru Sunday, 7 AM - 2 PM; 10915 Monroe Rd. Suite D, Matthews


One Fun Thing:  Head out to the Sportsplex for an international match as Charlotte Independence hosts six-time Liga MX champions, Club Santos Laguna.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018; 7:30 PM until; 2425 Sports Parkway, Matthews;  $30+.