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2810[high]5: Ways to Simplify Your Life

Did you know that the first week of August is National Simplify your Life week? Here are a few ways you can simplify things in your home, at work, and in your mind. 

Declutter - Did you know that there are more reasons to declutter your home than the obvious (less clutter)? According to Psychology Today, it has several psychological benefits as well. It forces you to use decision making and problem solving skills as you prioritize the stuff you have and come up with solutions on how to store it. It can also reduce anxiety, because we lack of order sometimes causes stress. Humans may have evolved to respond this way, because a lack of order in was most likely disadvantageous for early humans. Finally, decluttering might give your mind an opportunity to wander and take a break from your usual thinking.

Prep for Tomorrow - How many times a day do we feel rushed because we are doing something at the last minute? This week, make yourself a list of things you can do to get yourself ready for the next day, even if it’s just one or two activities. Pack your lunch the night before. Before you leave the office, jot down a quick list of what you want to get done tomorrow, Pick out your clothes, pack your work and gym bag, and prep your breakfast. You’ll be surprised how much more smoothly your morning goes the next day.

Embrace "No" - Sometimes, its okay to say no. Many of us are people pleasers (myself included) and we often find ourselves taking on projects or activities that are not beneficial to ours or others lives. If you’re constantly overextending yourself and it’s affecting your mental well-being, use this week as an excuse to practice saying “no” and see if it doesn’t help your outlook.

Prioritize your time - Embracing “no” leads me to the next tip, prioritize time. Now that you’ve gotten some time back by politely declining activities, be mindful of how you spend that time. How much time do you spend mindlessly checking your phone, your email, your twitter feed? Check out from your screens during set hours each day, or only allow yourself to check your phone at the top of every hour. 

Give Yourself a Break - Treat yourself to a destressing activity that you enjoy. Go for a hike. Read a book. Get a massage. Do nothing.

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2810[high]5: Free Dates in Matthews

On a budget for the summer? Here are 5 FREE dates you can and your plus one can do right here in Matthews. Bonus points if you take a selfie and tag @matthewsbeacon with the #MatthewsDateNight!


PDA in front of PDA - Did you know that the giant heart sculpture outside of Stumptown Park is called “Public Display of Affection”? (If you read this Beacon article from 2018 you do!) What better excuse to demonstrate your affection than to do so in front of iconic Matthews public art piece. (This writer strongly encourages you to keep your PDA rated G).

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Checkers at Country Place Park- You and your better half can enjoy the sunshine and decide once and for all who is the board champion. Country Place Park, near Matthews United Methodist church has 3 tables with checkerboard tops for public use, as well as a pollinator garden and bee themed art. Feel like it’s not a free date because you have to go buy your own checkers pieces? Save yourselves some bottle caps from your not-free-dates and make yourself some bottle cap checkers.

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Walking Tour - Did you know the Matthews has its own FREE self-guided walking tour you can follow? Print out the tour, put on your walking shoes, and take turns narrating the history and culture as you travel around town.

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Lecture at the Library - The library has more to offer than just free books (though that’s still pretty awesome). They also offer opportunities to hear talks on subjects like earth friendly way to greenifying your lawn, how to relax through mindfulness and meditation, or a chance to read, write, and discuss poetry

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Volunteer - One of the best ways to strengthen the bonds of an existing relationship is to commit to a shared activity-like volunteering. Matthews has over 55 nonprofits just registered with the Chamber of Commerce, many of which would eagerly appreciate four extra hands. Help HAWK maintain their garden at Squirrel Lake Park, sort donations at the Matthews Help Center food pantry or help build a home with Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity

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Morning Minute: Thursday, July 11, 2019

News About Town: The Monroe Road tree issue has been extended for a while longer. At Monday’s Board meeting, the Commissioners voted to extend their decision two weeks so the public can have time to learn about Taft’s new design and have the opportunity to speak on it. To approve the new landscape design, the Board must decide either the plan is Reasonable or Not Reasonable, as defined below.

Reasonable: The request only makes a modification to the landscape while retaining the overall site layout and architectural theme thus the request is reasonable. The general look and feel of the interior site will remain unchanged from the original proposal.

Not Reasonable: The amendment is not reasonable and represents a reduction of the quality of the landscape that was committed to when the site was approved for rezoning. The changes adversely impact the overall appearance and are not representative of what was depicted to citizens, staff and Council.

To submit your comments, email the board or speak at the July 22 Council Meeting at Town Hall (7 pm).

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Two Fun Things: This Saturday, July 13, Tummas Dance Group is hosting an English Country Dance at Matthews Orthodox Presbyterian (2701 Rice Rd, Matthews). While it may sound a bit like they’re serving scones at a rodeo, English Country Dance is, according to Norah, social dances they used to do at fancy balls and assemblies in Ye Olden Times. Put on your dancin’ shoes and head over to the church for a fun time and a little bit of living history from 7 until 9 pm.

Things are getting wild at the library tonight with the Wild Words Poetry Workshop. From 6 to 7 pm, bards, poets, and lovers of verse will meet in the Matthews library Community Room to read, write, and discuss all things poetry. Bring your own work or stop by to enjoy the prose of others.

Morning Minute: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

News About Town: At Monday's council meeting, Dr. Clayton Wilcox, Superintendent for CMS, spoke to the board about the mobile units at Elizabeth Lane Elementary. Usually, the sunset clause is renewed annually. This year interim planning director Jay Camp suggested the board extend the provision for three or four years with hopes that in four years the Lansdowne relief school should be complete. The conversation switched quickly and amicably to traffic patterns around the school during the afternoon let out. Tensions arose when Commissioner Kress Query brought up adding video cameras to the modules, a suggestion he’s made in the past. Dr. Wilcox explained the redundancies of adding a system by the town but conceded CMS would cooperate if doing so would please the board.


News Around Town: On July 5 Animal Control was called to Novant Matthews (1500 Matthews Township Pkwy) regarding an aggressive cat. The grey, medium-sized six months old kitten, had, in fact, bitten two people. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Care & Control apprehended the cat and took it for testing. The tests came back positive for rabies. If you’ve been in contact with any cats in the hospital area, the Matthews Police Department urges you to contact the Mecklenburg County Health Department immediately at 704-614-6512 or 704-589-3242.

One Good Thing: Pro Active Chiropractic (300 East John St. Suite 130) is hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross this Friday, July 12, from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. Register online at and enter the Sponsor code “ProActive.”

2810 [high] 5: Homes Away from Home for Your Guests to Stay (That Aren’t Your House)

Summer is the perfect time for vacations. Time for your sister to load up the car with all her kids for a gathering of the cousins, time for your old college roommates to finally make that road trip to come and see you, or time for in-laws to watch the kids for a week or two while they’re out of school. While everyone loves a good reunion, we all need our space sometimes. Perhaps your home is too small for all your guests, or you can only survive a week with your mother-in-law if you have your own space. Either way, these 5 Matthews options will allow your guests to feel right at home while they’re here, even if it’s not in yours.

The Lemmond House Bed & Breakfast: Offer your guests a little sliver of historical Matthews during their stay in the 28105! The Lemmond House Bed & Breakfast is located right on Trade Street, in the heart of downtown Matthews. You may have driven or walked by it many times without ever even knowing it was there (I did!). The Lemmond Family first built the home in the early 1900s and their family remained there through the 1980s. Today it is owned, operated, and continuously renovated by Bill and Connie Clayton. The Bed & Breakfast offers two second-floor guest rooms, each with a private bath equipped with jacuzzi tub and walk-in showers. Breakfast options include french toast, bacon, eggs with cheese, fruit salad, coffee, and juice. Each of the two rooms can be rented for $149 a night and allows for children over the age of 12 (with adult supervision), but no pets. (Images via Owner’s website)

Matthews Manor Charlotte Bed and Breakfast: Beautiful Matthews Manor is located less than half a mile from Squirrel Lake Park and has four lovely rooms available to rent, with prices ranging from $150-$220 a night. The 7,000 square foot home was originally built in 1973 and used to be part of a 52-acre farm. Your out-of-town guests will be able to rent mountain bikes from the Manor for use on the greenway, have access to a kitchen exclusively for guests, a game room with purple-felted pool table, and swimming pool.(Images via Owner’s website)

The BOHOPad Airbnbnb: If your guests are looking for a unique place at a reasonable price, then the BOHOPad is the place for them. Complete with vaulted ceilings, intricate tile work, and brightly colored walls and decor, the BOHOPad is a hidden bohemian gem in Matthews. The home can accommodate up to 6 guests, with one queen bed, two single beds, a sleeper sofa, and two baths for only $84 a night. Guests will have access to the entire home, and if they need something, the Airbnb hosts are only 15 minutes away. Since you are renting the whole hoouse, children are welcome, but your furry friends will have to stay at home. (Images via Owner’s AirBnB)

Gorgeous Guest Home Airbnb: If you only have one or two guests needing a place to stay, this Gorgeous Guest Home may just what is needed. This new Scandinavian-style apartment has one queen bed and is only $85 a night. Kids are more than welcome, and the hosts even offer to provide a pack and play or toys if needed. The apartment is located next to their home, where they reside with their black lab puppy, so they do have a no pet policy. (Images via Owner’s AirBnB)

Three Bedroom House Airbnb: If you have a large group of guests coming to visit (no wonder you don’t want them staying at your place), or they have a pet, this last Airbnb is the choice for them. With three queen-sized bed and 2.5 baths,  this place is a steal for only $65 a night. Plus, the backyard is screened in, so your traveling animal companions will have a place to stretch their legs. (Images via Owner’s AirBnB)

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Morning Minute: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

News About Town: With the widening of Independence/74 come all sorts of changes to Matthews. Sam Newell will be changed to a bridge over 74, strategically adding multiuse paths and sidewalks to increase accessibility from the northern portion of town to the south. As part of the larger vision, multi-use paths will run the length of Sam Newell, adding pedestrian accessibility to Crown Point Elementary. The project was partially funded within the Capital Improvement Plan. At last night's meeting, the Board of Commissioners discussed funding the remaining amount through grants.

Updating the roster for Town Council, candidate Ken McCool filed on Monday.


News Around Town: Barbara Taylor, Director of the Matthews Heritage Museum, is hosting a Director's Tour of Tank Town: A Good Place to Live, on Saturday, July 20, at 11 am. Space is limited to 12 people, and is best suited for kids over 10 and adults. Admission is $4 and proceeds go toward a new display case for the museum. Want to go? Call the museum (704-708-4996) and leave a message. They’ll call you back and confirm your spot.

One Fun Thing: Carolina Financial Partners, A Matthews Beacon sponsor, is celebrating 35 years in business! If you haven't already, check out their resource center for information on all sorts of topics. The Lifestyle section is particularly helpful for families balancing budget and fun.

Morning Minute: Monday, July 8 2019

News About Town: Filing began on Friday for the 2019 municipal elections. It was a busy day at the Board of Elections office with candidates from all over Mecklenburg county getting a jump start on election season, including 10 candidates from Matthews. Officially in the race for Matthews Mayor are incumbent Paul Bailey and current Mayor Pro Tem John Higdon. Thus far 8 people have filed for Board of Commissioners (Town Council), they are Dave Bland, Allen Crosby, Barbara Dement, Renee Garner, Jeff Miller, Kress Query, Mark Tofano, and John Urban.

*Editor’s Note: You may notice a certain Beacon co-founder and editor in chief on the list of commissioner candidates. We are immensely proud of Renee for throwing her hat in the ring in the hope of serving the community in yet another capacity. Our personal biases acknowledged we are committed as a news source to covering the election in as factual and unbiased a manner as possible. Our goal is as it has always been: to inform and educate the people of Matthews.


News Around Town: The Matthews Fire & EMS Department had a busy Fourth of July. During the storm early on the fourth, strong winds brought down trees. Several cars were totaled in the Paces Pointe apartment parking lot. Later that night, police noticed smoke coming from a law office on Senna Drive and called the fire department. Matthews, Idlewild, and Mint Hill departments worked together to put out the fire.

One Fun Thing: Ready for a day of art? This Sunday (July 14, 2-4 pm) head over to McDowell Arts Center to learn how to use alcohol inks, a popular new material that looks like really vibrant watercolors. The registration fee ($20 residents. $25 non residents) covers all supplies. After painting, head upstairs in the gallery, for the reception and viewing of the Waxhaw Arts Council exhibit.

Morning Minute: Wednesday, July 3, 2019

News About Town: The town will have rezoning hearings at the July 8, 7 pm meeting, including a hearing for the East John St. warehouse. The warehouse owner, Stronghaven, has applied for a conditional rezoning rather than the town-initiated downzoning. The conditional zoning would, according to Stronghaven, eliminate some of the uses generally permitted in the Industrial-1 District in order to allay fears by the Board of how the property may be used in the future.

Image via Unsplashd

Image via Unsplashd

One Good Thing: Don’t mind a little dirt under your nails? HAWK needs your help this Sunday at 9 am. The group tends the gardens at Squirrel Lake Park (1631 Pleasant Plains Rd.), and they’ve gotten a little behind on weeding. Bring gloves, tools, water, and lather up on the sunscreen then wrestle back the nutsedge, goldenrod, and whatever else is plotting to take over the park.

One Good Thing Deserves Another: We’re going to take the next few days off to be with our families and celebrate Independence Day. We have a couple articles scheduled, so check back in. Above and beyond all else, have a happy and safe Fourth!

Morning Minute: Monday, July 1, 2019

News About Town: Planning your Fourth? Matthews is holding the annual Fun Family 4th of July, starting with the People's Parade at 5:30 at Town Hall and wrapping up in Stumptown Park with music by Too Much Sylvia. Participate in the parade by bike, scooter, wagon, or walking, and make your way over to Stumptown Park for food trucks and music. Bust out your fave festive garb for this event! The food trucks will arrive at 5, so if you skip the parade you just might also get to skip the long lines. July 4, 5 pm - 9 pm at Stumptown Park; parade starting at Town Hall at 5:30 pm.

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News Around Town: Renfrow's is closed for a family vacation this week through July 9. If you're in need of tomato plants and chicken food, you’ll have to make other plans. The store will reopen July 10 and they expect to have the first of Renfrow Farms tomatoes for sale. Get your Dukes and Wonderbread ready.

One Fun Thing: If you're one to wake up early on a holiday and hop on a bike for 52 miles, then we've got just the thing for you: Mojo Cycles' (105 W Charles St, Matthews) annual Independence Day ride. Head out from Mojo Cycles at 8 am for a 52- or 30-mile loop and end up back at the bike shop for grilled hot-dogs and beverages of your choice. If you go for the 52-miler, you'll stop at Polk Mountain Store in Unionville for snacks, shade, and cold drinks. A police escort will help the group get across 74 safely. Registration is free.

Morning Minute: Friday, June 28, 2019

News About Town: Yesterday the town, in conjunction with Alta Design, took downtown business owners on a walk around the area to look at the traffic, parking, and general mobility of the town. About a dozen stakeholders participated, providing firsthand commentary by those who use the streets daily for work. The conversation covered everything from ADA accessible parking spaces and wheelchair access, employee parking, and exceeding two- and three-hour time limits. The input will be compiled as part of Alta’s downtown mobility study. Recommendations for improvements are expected by fall.

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News Around Town: The 2019/20 Matthews Welcome Guide is out. Created by The Biz Well Corporation, Matthews Chamber, Red Brick Partnership, and the Town of Matthews, you’ll see lots of familiar names and faces but will also learn something new about Matthews. Check it out and pick up a copy in Town Hall or the chamber offices (in the train depot).

One Fun Thing: Shut down the screens and get your teenagers (12-18-year-olds) to the Matthews Library tomorrow to see Mr. Bigley. Al is an award-winning illustrator who has worked for all the big names: Golden Books, DC Comics, Disney, Marvel Comics, Scholastic, and more. He’ll talk about his career and technique, and then participants will get to do some drawing of their own. Make sure you register in advance. Saturday, June 29, 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm, Matthews Library, 230 Matthews Station St.

Morning Minute: Thursday, June 27, 2019

News About Town:  Proximity Matthews is planning to plant some trees. The Taft apartment complex overcut the tree canopy when land clearing began, because, as Taft representatives explained, the tree save information was too far back in the project design drawings. Taft paid a $50,000 fine and imposed their own $100,000 fine to the town. Now they’re planning to replace the trees, but need the Board of Commissioner’s approval of the new landscape plan. The Board will decide whether to hold a public input session. The trees to be planted include oak, pine, elm, and hollies, among others.


News Around Matthews: On Tuesday, County Commissioners held an informal meeting to discuss the potential Dedicated Sales Tax for Arts & Culture and Other Use. The quarter-cent increase in sales tax will equal about $50 million a year. How will that be divided up? $24 million would go towards arts and culture (mostly for Arts & Science Council), $8 million would supplement to public school teachers, $15 million will go to parks and greenways, and the remaining $2.5 million would go towards arts and parks programs in Mecklenburg’s six towns. On July 2, at their regular meeting, County Commissioners will vote on placing this on the November 2019 Ballot.

One Good Thing: Matthews Playhouse has a FREE Performance tonight at Fullwood Theatre. Nearly 30 area teenagers will take the stage to belt out the best of Broadway and show off some fancy footwork. The Playhouse students and camp-goers have been practicing hard to make this show a hit. The curtain goes up at 7 pm, make sure you're in your seat and ready to be impressed.

Morning Minute: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

News About Town:  There are a few town events coming up that are of note. Wednesday the police will hold a car seat checking station at the police station (1201 Crews Road, Matthews) starting at 8 am. The NCDOT meeting about the 51 widening is this Thursday, June 27, 2019, from noon to 7 pm and is a drop-in at Endhaven Elementary School (6815 Endhaven Lane, Charlotte). This Friday at 5 pm head up to Stumptown Park for Food Truck Fridays.

art at mcdowell.jpg

News Around Matthews: Any visually creative thespians out there? Matthews Playhouse is hiring! They’re looking for a Technical Director and several members for the Production Design Staff. The 2019/20 season includes The Adventures of Madeline, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Mamma Mia! For more info, contact the Playhouse.

One Good Thing: Five bucks won’t get you much these day. Maybe a meal at a fast food restaurant, less than two gallons of gas… ten movies. What?! Matthews Movies 10 is offering a 10 movie pass this summer for $5. See the newish How to Train Your Dragon, Peter Rabbit (a favorite around here), the SpongeBob Movie (barf), and a handful of others on the big screen. Bring the real cash for the drinks and pop corn.

Morning Minute: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

News About Town:  Last night, Matthews Commissioners had a brief meeting about the council meeting invocations. The meeting was brief and consisted mostly of questions from council members with clarifying answers by the town attorney. The board will have a calendar for invocations which will include many varieties of religious representation.


News Around NC: Climbing gym Inner Peaks is moving to Matthews. The popular rock climbing destination is moving their MoRa location to Independence Pointe in the former Grand Slam USA building ( 10715 Independence Pointe Pkwy).  The renovations will be lengthy, but an Inner Peaks spokesperson said they will be open in the new location by the end of the year.


One Good Thing: Every year the Matthews Human Services Council awards a person (or couple) the Nancy Glenn Award. The award honors those who have made Matthews a better community through service. This year’s recipient, Karla Ennis, is a nurse an community outreach coordinator for Novant Matthews. She was nominated because of her can do attitude and her amazing ability to connect the Matthews community with compassion and heart. Congratulations Karla!

Morning Minute: Monday, June 24, 2019

News About Town: Matthews lost a mainstay this past Friday, June 21, 2019. At approximately 9:00 am., Ms.Fanny Dolores Bunn was crossing Trade St. at the crosswalk near Which Wich and was struck by a motor vehicle. Ms. Fanny (also sometimes known by Delores) died at the scene. The 81-year old petite brunette lived near downtown and was often seen walking to Harris Teeter or Target with her red bag cart. The fatality is now an ongoing investigation conducted by members of the Matthews Police Department Accident Reconstruction Team.  The driver has not been charged at this time.

ped dangerous by design.png

News Around NC: On the topic of pedestrian safety, North Carolina was recently ranked 13th worst in the country (and 7th worst for pedestrian fatalities). In Matthews there were 46 pedestrian incidents between 2007 and 2016 ( doesn’t have more recent data) and four pedestrian deaths between 2007 and 2017, and two in 2018.

One Fun Thing: If you began the summer with a plan for daily pool trips and at-home crafts, but have already reached the limit of your optimism, fear not! Parks and Rec has you covered. There are still spots in some of their summer camps. Three magic words will make your, and their, summers brighter: Drop Off Fun.

Morning Minute: Friday, June 14, 2019

News About Town: Mayor Pro Tem John Higdon and Commissioner Barbara Dement participated in the most recent Facebook Live event with commissioners. The commissioners briefly touched on the new City Arcade business going into the old Hooters location, assuring the police department would ensure a safe environment. They also touched on the tree loss at the Taft development, as well as advisory board opportunities. Watch on Facebook if you’d like to catch up.

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News Around Town: If you’ve driven down Independence at Matthews Festival shopping center lately, you’ll notice the buildings in front of the old movie theater have been torn down. Because of the 51-widening, the Texas Roadhouse will be too close to the future bridge site (it will shift a few feet). The restaurant is relocating to the opposite side of the parking lot. At the most recent council meeting, the council approved elevations for Bonefish Grill, which will move to the area that is currently the Roadhouse parking lot.

One Good Thing: On August 7, Novant Hospital is holding a Mental Health First Aid (Adult) class (they also host classes for first aid for children). It seems like a long way in the future to plan for August, but these classes fill up fast. You’ll learn to know risk factors and warning signs of mental illness, a 5 step action plan to help someone who is showing signs of a mental health problem or crisis, and how to connect with that person and find appropriate support for them. After the class is complete, you’ll receive certification and the ability to create a profile on the Mental First Aider portal.