2810[top]5: Five Pieces of Beacon

The Beacon celebrates 6 months strong this week, and we took the opportunity to revisit our intentions. Presenting: Five Pieces of Beacon—a glimpse into what we cover and why we cover it. Which characteristic resonates most with you?

top 5 giving.jpg

Matthews is Giving. With hundreds of nonprofits in Matthews, the support for philanthropy is significant.

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Matthews is Community: Through togetherness, whether familial or neighborly, recognizing and recovering the lost art of sharing the untold stories of the people around us.

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Matthews is History: We embrace and explore the town’s rich history, celebrate our agricultural roots, reflect on our segregated past, and examine the uncharted growth carrying Matthews forward.

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Matthews is Engaged: Local government is accessible to the people, for the people.

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Matthews is Enriching: From environmental initiatives and personal hobbies to cultural activities, people enjoy learning and doing.

2810[top]5: Barns Around Matthews

One of the charms of Matthews, apparent by the continued success of Renfrow Hardware, is the remnants of the farm community it once was. While farmland becomes housing tracts, there are still symbols of the past dotted throughout the community.

mcewan moore.jpg

McEwan Moore Farmhouse: Built in 1887, probably moved to its current location. Designated historic site, currently owned by LibertyHealthcare Properties of North Carolina LLC.

howie barn.jpg

The Howie Barn:
Built in 1977 by Jack Riley using lumber from the Howie Gold mine

overcash for web.jpg

The Overcash Barn: Presumably built circa 1921, at the same time as the home next to it. The barn sits on a parcel rezoned in 2018 (application 2017-663) and now owned by Willton-BB Matthews Owner LLC. The property was approved to become a 350 unit multifamily development.


The Helms Farm: This farmland was bought in the 40s from the Stillwell family, originally owned by the Harkeys. The barns were probably built around the same time.

hickory hill.jpg

Hickory Hill Barn: There’s little on public record about this structure, but probably was built around 1960.