2810[top]5: Five Pieces of Beacon

The Beacon celebrates 6 months strong this week, and we took the opportunity to revisit our intentions. Presenting: Five Pieces of Beacon—a glimpse into what we cover and why we cover it. Which characteristic resonates most with you?

top 5 giving.jpg

Matthews is Giving. With hundreds of nonprofits in Matthews, the support for philanthropy is significant.

top 5 community.jpg

Matthews is Community: Through togetherness, whether familial or neighborly, recognizing and recovering the lost art of sharing the untold stories of the people around us.

top 5 history.jpg

Matthews is History: We embrace and explore the town’s rich history, celebrate our agricultural roots, reflect on our segregated past, and examine the uncharted growth carrying Matthews forward.

top 5 engaged.jpg

Matthews is Engaged: Local government is accessible to the people, for the people.

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Matthews is Enriching: From environmental initiatives and personal hobbies to cultural activities, people enjoy learning and doing.