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Morning Minute: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

News About Town: The Town of Matthews is encouraging residents to Know Your No’s in the recycling bin. As more and more recycling is trashed due to contamination, it’s important to know what those contaminants are. What are the No’s? No tanglers (such as wires, hoses, etc.), no scrap metal, no plastic film (including bags, but some “film” can be recycled with bags at retail recycling locations like Target), no food (try composting?), no hazardous and medical waste (not only is it dangerous, there are actual people handling your recycling along the way), no textiles, no bagged recyclables (because the bags can’t be recycled and it makes more work for the people at the facility).

News Around Town:  During tonight’s regular meeting, the County Board of Commissioners will vote on whether to adopt the amended budget. This budget will determine the county’s property tax rate for Matthews. If approved, the budget will take effect July 1, 2019. If you can’t make it but want to be in the know, the meetings are broadcast online. Meetings are held at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, 600 E 4th St, Charlotte, 28202.

One Fun Thing:  This Saturday, June 8 join Good Cup Coffee for the Father's Day pop-up at the Loyalist. Make a mixed 6-pack of beers from the cooler inside, then head outdoors for some locally-sourced handmade wares! Shop from 6 till 9 PM in the courtyard beside the market. Then go check out the car show in our parking lot with a cold coffee drink!

Sweet Jenn: A Poignant One-Woman Show

Image courtesy  @MatthewsPlayhouse

Image courtesy @MatthewsPlayhouse

Over the weekend, we had an opportunity to watch the presentation of Sweet Jenn at the Matthews Playhouse. The one-set exhibit was impressively performed, created, and directed  by Lakeetha Blakeney. 

Before the presentation , I had a chance to meet Lakeetha and ask her about the inspiration behind the exhibit. It was incredible to hear the depths of time she spent delving into biographies and researching six specific former slaves and weaving them into one complex character, whom we meet on stage.  

As curtain rises, we meet Sweet Jenn, as her mom use to call her, who is a slave  in the south before Emancipation. As a mother, my heart broke as she was torn away from her own mother at age 10. And soon after, at age 13, she started bearing child after child, each taken away and sold soon after birth. Sweet Jenn never had the chance to share life with her children, but she tells each before they go that she is always with them.

Photo courtesy Debbie Chopas

Photo courtesy Debbie Chopas

A heart breaking tale that turns triumphant. In spite of horrible conditions, there are glimpses of hope:

After a brutal physical encounter, we revisit a character that we had met earlier when Jenn was first sold—her friend named Pearl. As Jenn lay waiting to die, Pearl visits and reminds her of who she is. Jenn is a fighter with a resilient spirit that has purpose to live. After months of physical healing, Jenn gets back to life with vigor. 

When serving daily food rations, a young man calls Jenn “my lady”, which confounds her as she has never been called a lady. But soon, she too is enchanted by this gentleman named Charles. 

And in time, she takes in an orphan slave as her own - Jenn finally has a sweet daughter to love. 

sweet jenn debbie chopas 4.jpg

Love always prevails to grow even in the worst conditions. 

Lakeetha delivered a beautiful tapestry that is poignant, thought-provoking, and brilliantly woven story in which laughter, hope, and love win.  

The actual tale is true. The message is lasting: we must remember that slavery still occurs today.  

I adore that Matthews Playhouse and the Town of Matthews partnered to present this powerful presentation. In these perilous times with racial tension from various fronts, it is critical to keep these stories in front of us. Conversations that provoke questions is how we can identify slavery and prevent history from repeating itself.

Photo courtesy Debbie Chopas

Photo courtesy Debbie Chopas

Debbie Chopas is a mamaprenuer, cold-coffee drinker and fan of all things Matthews. Find Debbie and her husband on Saturday mornings running their coffee shop Good Cup Coffee, and keep up with her adventures around town @goodcupcoffee_co.

Morning Minute: Thursday, February 7, 2019

News About Town: In April 2018 the Town hosted an Our Town, Our Vision workshop with Matthews residents. Information gathered at that workshop has been compiled as a Vision Statement for the Town to reference moving forward. Something to keep in mind: the new document is to be read as if we are ten to fifteen years in the future and the goals have been achieved.

loyalist valentines day.jpg

News Around Town: Friday (February 8) is time once again for Carmel Baptist’s Joy Prom - a full-scale prom for the special needs individuals in our community. Partnering with other nonprofits (For Charlotte, Joni & Friends, among others) will allow the event to host 400 guests with an additional 600 volunteers to make the evening go smoothly. This Friday expect traffic delays at Reverdy Lane and Highway 51 between the hours of 5:30 and 6:45 for the arrival of participants.

One Fun Thing: If you’ve somehow missed all the Valentine’s Day notices (ummm, go buy something amazing) but don’t want to be totally blindsided next week when the big day arrives (it’s Thursday if you don’t have a calendar handy) Good Cup Coffee and The Loyalist have partnered for another unique, artisan and local pop up in the pocket park of North End. Stop by Sunday, February 10 from 11-2, 435 N Trade St #102, Matthews. 

2810[top]5: Hot Coffee Spots

If our morning newsletter references didn’t give it away, I’m going to share a big secret today: We are a coffee powered organization here at the Beacon. Today we’re here to share five spots that keep the Beacon fueled.

good cup fb.jpg

Good Cup Coffee Co., 105 N. Trade Street (at the Farmer’s Market and pop-ups elsewhere). The Chopas family makes delicously unique coffee drinks you won’t find anywhere else in the area. It counts as a meeting to follow Norah around while she does her weekly shopping, right?

Photo via Good Cup

dilworth coffee.jpg

Dilworth Coffee,

3016 Weddington Rd #600. We’ve had more than one meeting here. The vibe is cozy and the staff is friendly, and the coffee isn’t pretentious.

Photo via Dilworth Coffee


Your Mom’s Donuts, 11025 Monroe Rd, Ste F. Another spot where we often meet, lots of room, not too loud, and the coffee is great. Plus: donuts.

Photo via Your Mom’s Donuts

magnolia coffee.jpg

Magnolia Coffee. Their tasting room is in Matthews but isn’t open to the public yet, so head on over to Baked Well (10915 Monroe Rd ste D) to try a cup. It’s a good excuse to have a cookie for breakfast with your coffee.

Photo via Magnolia Coffee

brakemans fb.jpg

Brakeman’s Coffee, 225 N. Trade Street. Who doesn’t love Brakeman’s? It’s tough to find a table sometimes, so we get the coffee to go and find another spot in Matthews to catch up on all things Beacon.

Photo via Brakeman’s

Morning Minute: Thursday, December 13, 2018

News About Town: The Town of Matthews recognized Michael Rusho, the recipient of the first annual Matthews Veteran of the Year award this past Monday at the Board of Commissioners meeting. Rusho was a career army man who, upon retiring in 1994, moved with his family to Matthews. He’s been involved with Boy Scouts of America, American Legion Post 235 (an active member for 24 years), and the Matthews Rotary Club. Mayor Paul Bailey recognized Rusho’s selfless dedication to the Matthews community and his ongoing leadership organizing the annual Rotary Veterans Day luncheon.

good cup traveling holiday party.jpg

News Around Town: The Good Cup Coffee bus has been driving around Matthews serving up gratitude, hot coffee, and cocoa. On their Christmas tour around Matthews they’ve taken coffee and baked goods to the Matthews Library, ZABS, Cotton Gin Printing and Graphics, M&M Hardwood Flooring, and to a staff party for the Town. Follow them on Facebook to find out where they’ll park ‘n party next.


One Fun Thing: Haven’t had a chance to give your list to Santa yet? Looking for a chance to convince Santa to put you on the nice list? Santa is stopping by Brakeman’s tonight from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. to read a story and share some cookies. This is your chance to get on his good side.