Navigating the Town Website: Looking for Council Agendas

In a fair amount of research for the Beacon we often cross-reference our own notes with Board of Commissioner meeting agendas and minutes. If you’re unfamiliar with the website, here’s a quick tutorial to find the agendas for Board of Commissioners (also called Town Council) meetings.

agenda 1.jpg

Go to the Town of Matthews website:

agenda 2.jpg

You can either:

  • Click on “Government” in the top, horizontal menu bar. A drop down menu will give you further options. Click “Agendas and Minutes.”

  • Or click on the dark green circle at the bottom for “Agendas and Minutes.”

agenda 3.jpg

Select “Board of Commissioners.”

agenda 4.jpg

The most recent agenda will be on the landing page. If you’re looking for archives of past meetings, click “Show More” at the bottom of the right hand column.

agenda 5.jpg

Here you will find Agendas (the to-do list for the Board during the meeting), Minutes (annotated notes from the meeting), Packet (information given to the Commissioners prior to the meeting with back up material for line items on the agenda), Audio (mp3 files of the meeting), and Video (a visual and audio recording of the meeting). Video is also available on the Town’s YouTube page.