Take Me To Your Leaders: Meet your mayor

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As Mayor of Matthews, I want to maintain our small town appeal by supporting all of the great things that make us a desirable community. I look forward to guiding us in making smart decisions as we evolve and continue to be the greatest town in North Carolina.

Matthews operates as a municipal government with council-manager leadership. A mayor is an elected leader of a municipal government. Under Council-Manager organization, though, the mayor is a symbolic figurehead, but does not hold more authority than other Board of Commissioners.

Who is the mayor of Matthews?

According to the town website, Mayor Paul Bailey received a BS in mechanical engineering from NC State, and a masters in mechanical engineering at the University of South Carolina. He's married and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Paul and his wife Sherrie have lived in Matthews for 34 years. Previously Bailey served on Matthews Board of Commissioners and the CMS Board of Education before being elected Mayor of Matthews in 2017.


What is the mayor's role in Matthews?

The Matthews Board of Commissioners use majority vote to approve or reject policies, adopt resolutions, among other duties for town-wide adoption. The mayor is a first among equals on the city council and his vote does not hold greater weight than other members of the Board. The mayor is, however, the first point of contact for the Town Manager when critical information should be conveyed to the Board. The mayor leads and mediates public meetings.

The Matthews Mayor is a part-time position, has a salary of $19,650 annually and a technology allowance of $3,600 per term. The position does not include benefits.