More than a Minute

We’ve all seen them, the helpful posts on Facebook with brilliant tips to prepare for a hurricane.  

Dishwasher Wash: This one comes with a helpful anecdote by some Hurricane survivor in Florida who supposedly used their dishwasher to keep important documents out of harm’s way. So, will the dishwasher keep your photos and valuables dry? Snope’s says nope.

Open Up: Stop me if you’ve read this one beforeLeaving a window open slightly during a hurricane will help equalize pressure and prevent damage. The truth? Leaving windows open can cause more damage than with closed windows. 

Fire Away: Blowing fans toward, scootering around town, and shooting guns at Hurricane Florence will keep the Hurricane away. Um. Really? Yeah, we don’t actually need to discuss this. Also, there are no sharks swirling in the clouds. I promise.

Phew, now that’s cleared up, let’s talk water. (And not bottled water. I think Brad Panovich covered that.


As we all wait to see what will actually happen with Florence, flash flooding, a rapid rise in water levels, seems imminent. Just remember: Turn Around Don't Drown. (Sing it with me...turn around...don’t drown.)

Another certainty? Many of our greenways are built through low-lying areas and cross over creeks and streams. Water can be deceptive, so even on foot turn around...don’t drown...

Do you know if you live on a floodplain? Check here.