Throwback Thursday: Town Council Contemplates Name for New Main Street (circa 2001)

With permission, The Beacon is archiving past issues of Matthews News and Record (also called The Record and The Matthews Record) articles online. Throwback Thursday articles will include relevant content still facing Matthews today. This article was originally published January 10, 2001.

This original article was printed by The Record in 2001.

This original article was printed by The Record in 2001.

Town Council Contemplates Name for New Main Street, by Tina Lentz, Ph.D.

At the first Board of Commissioners meeting of the new year, officials discussed possible options for naming the new “main” street that will be created with the development of Matthew Station. Historically important family names have been suggested, including Dr. T.G. Ervin Blvd., Watson Matthews Road and Carpenter’s Grove as well as geographically centered names such as Town Green Circle, CSX Lane and Matthew Station Road. Any name chosen by the Board will be submitted for final approval to the Mecklenburg County Building Standards to ensure that there are no duplications or closely match existing street names.

Approval to the Mecklenburg County building standards to ensure that there are no duplications or closely match existing street names.

Also under consideration is the naming of two alleys currently included in the master plan. Lat Purser and Associates, the developer for Matthew Station, Wednesday I have the first building finished by the end of May. As was dictated by previous official action, the Board expects to finalize the sale of land to Lat Purser and Associates in the appraised amount of $503,000 in very near future. The town has mandated that the original depot Building, which is currently housing the Cactus Rose restaurant, will be salvaged and moved out of his way to eventually be utilized along with the caboose.

Matthews United Methodist Church requested yet another deferral for their variance request (Petition 369) citing the interruption of ongoing progress on the project because of vacations and the like linked to the holiday season.

Mayor Pro-Tem Martha W. Krauss said, “I respectfully suggest that the petitioners wait until March so that yet another deferral won’t be needed.”

The church’s spokesperson in attendance said they remain optimistic that everything will be in order for the February 12 Board meeting and subsequently for the closing schedule for February 15.

Commissioner Paul F. Bailey said, “My feeling is to grant deferral until February. I don’t have a problem with granting a third deferral to March if that’s what’s needed at that time,” after which he made the motion to defer, which was quickly seconded and passed.  

In other business Commissioners:

  • Approved Petition 371 amending the text of the Zoning Code regarding CrC District to include single family attached dwellings within the permitted uses.

  • Approved the changing of street types in the Downtown area.

  • Approved minutes from the December 11, 2000 meeting.

  • Adopted a resolution of intent to consider annexation.

  • Approved budget ordinance amendment for controlled substance tax revenues.

  • Approved Sonitrol contract.

  • Released funds for Matthews-Morningstar and Idlewild Volunteer Fire Departments.

  • Accepted Zoning Petitions: 372- Sleep Inn, sign revisions, 373- The Crosland Group, text change to add tire installation as permitted in the B-1 district for retail facilities over 145,000 square feet, and 374- Kahn Development Company, Sam Newell and Matthews Township Parkway, from B-1 to B-1 (CD) and R-VS and set public hearings on February 12, 2001.

  • Approved street type classifications for public ways.

  • Discussed 2001 Planning Conference.

The next Board of Commissioners Meeting will be held on Monday, January 22 at 7 pm. Anyone wishing to address the Board on any subject may do so during the miscellaneous portion by signing up prior to the meeting by calling 847-4477, or by signing the roster at the entrance immediately before commencement of the meeting.