#FiveForFriday: A Morning Minute News Round Up

This #FiveForFriday Morning Minute News Round Up is for the week of May 6 through May 10, 2019.

highway 51 fiveforfriday.jpg

News Around Town: As the Highway 51 widening project moves forward, NCDOT recently sent out a postcard with a description of the updates they’re making to the design. Following the link on the postcard does not take you to the project; this is the correct link and this is the map. Some of the changes include: *

Realigned Lois St to create a signalized intersection at John, eliminating one home, and possibly the adjacent office building on West Charles. (Lois connects John and Charles near the Shell station.) *

Added a U-turn bulb on Sardis Road as an additional turn around point for those coming from the west side of Sardis Road. *

Added a smaller U-turn bulb (suitable for cars) at Deveraux. *

Added pedestrian crossover at Reid Hall Lane. *

Fullwood Lane shifted west, eliminating the home on the corner of Fullwood and 51.

find em friday fiveforfriday.jpg

News About Town: Matthews Police arrested Jeremiah Elijah Harvey this past Saturday in connection with the car theft at the Comfort Inn by Windsor Square. Harvey was one of several wanted suspects featured in the most recent Find ‘em Friday video.

sportsplex fiveforfriday.jpg

News About Town: During Monday's (May 13) Board of Commissioner's meeting, the Board will hold a public hearing for three properties the Planning Department noted as "may not be appropriate from either a current or future land use perspective." These three properties under consideration include the Stronghaven warehouse on East John (I-1), the AMF Bowling Alley on Brigman Road, and a vacant parcel adjacent to the Woodspring Suites on Matthews-Mint Hill Road. The parcels are currently Industrial and Highway Business. The motion would downzone the properties to R-12 and R-15. Two properties are within the ENT zone, which calls for higher density residential than R-12 and R-15.

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News Around Town: Atrium Health and the Greater Charlotte YMCA have partnered to create the Wellness on Wheels program (@WOWCLT). WOWCLT covers territory all over the greater Charlotte area and “provides health screenings, nutrition education and lifestyle management to prevent high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases” for free. The unit will stop at Mount Moriah Church (381 Crestdale Rd., Matthews) from 3 to 6 p.m. on May 16 (and the third Thursday of every month at that same time). No appointment is necessary.

money fiveforfriday.jpg

News About Town: At 5:30 this Monday, prior to the regular town council meeting, Town Manager Hazen Blodgett will present his recommended budget for Fiscal Year 2019/20. Creating a municipal budget is a lengthy process that typically starts in February when individual town departments generate a budget to meet their needs. Those budgets are then submitted to the Assistant Town Manager and the Finance Director, who advise the Manager. The Town Manager, as Budget Director, creates a recommended budget to present to the Town Council. As of November 30, 2018, the town has had a vacancy in the Finance Director position.