The People of Matthews: Mayor Pro Tem John Higdon

We asked a few people who work for the community of Matthews to share their thoughts and hopes for 2019. Here’s what Mayor Pro Tem John Higdon told us:

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Do you have a New Year's resolution? Here is a clichéd response, but one I really hope I can follow through on - I want to take better care of my health through a concerted effort to exercise more in 2019.  My hectic schedule makes that difficult sometimes. 

What do you hope for in the new year? Less dissension.  I don't think I have seen America more divided in my lifetime, and the vitriol is particularly nasty from just about every political viewpoint.  I would like to see us listen to each other more instead of shouting one another down, and really try to find some common ground.  

What do you want to leave behind in the old year? The stalemate the town has with CMS.  We need to expand our schools or build new ones, and I favor a CMS solution rather than other options.  We have started meeting and communicating respectfully with one another.  That is a good first step. 

What do you see foresee for Matthews in the coming year? Through decades of careful planning we have built a wonderful town and now it seems everyone wants to live here.  We need to very carefully manage future growth in our few remaining large tracts of land and infill projects.  Making sure our infrastructure keeps pace with other growth will be a continuing challenge.  This past year we have witnessed lots of input from the public.  I feel confident that will continue in 2019, and that is a good thing.