The People of Matthews: Officer Tim Aycock

We asked a few people who work for the Town of Matthews to share their thoughts and hopes for 2019. Here’s what Officer Tim Aycock, Community Resource and Public Information Officer for the Matthews Police Department, told us:

Resolutions Aycock.jpg

Do you have a New Year's resolution? As cliche as it sounds, I want to get into better shape and spend more quality time with the family.

What do you hope for in the new year? Health, happiness, prosperity and better time management.

What do you want to leave behind in the old year? Any negativity/stress and to not worry about the little things that don't really matter anyway.

What do you see foresee for Matthews in the coming year? I see Matthews continuing to strengthen its current community relationships as well as seeking every opportunity to build new ones. Matthews is a very special place where its citizens and stakeholders understand the importance of working together as a team to achieve our goals.