At the Bus Stop: Waiting on the Bus

As we examine transit in Matthews, there is a lot of overlap with the comprehensive work of Sustain Charlotte. While their focus is on Charlotte itself, Matthews can benefit from some of their approaches.

One Sustain Charlotte activity, Walk2Transit, is a simple bus stop audit. Walk2Transit provides a method of grading bus stops from various perspectives (such as ease of getting to the stop, comfort while waiting on the bus, etc.) aids in better design of future stops. According to Meg Fencil, Sustain Charlotte Program Director, “80% of ‘all-purpose’ riders reach their bus stops on foot. If we want more people to choose to ride transit, they need to feel safe and comfortable walking to and from bus stops.“

Although photos only provide limited information, below are a few of the bus stops in Matthews. How would they score on a Walk2Transit audit? Which stops feel well designed? Which could use improvement? Does a comfortable bus stop encourage greater public transit use?

Matthews Adorned for Christmas

Shop owners and residents around Matthews have adorned the town with shiny baubles to celebrate Christmas; others have decorated with a winter theme. We’ve put together a quick tour of some of our favorites. See if you recognize some, and if we’re missing something extra special, comment below.

Wreaths around Matthews

For several weeks the Town of Matthews has been festooned in holiday magic. Wreaths are a favorite sign of holiday cheer and can be seen everywhere from the Chamber’s Train Depot to wintry-themed windows on Trade Street.

According to Wikipedia, the word wreath originated in Old and Middle English, writha and wrethe respectively, roughly translating to band. Wreaths have a lengthy history of symbolism throughout many cultures. The decorative wreaths we see hanging around the holidays most likely evolved from the crowns (sometimes called diadems or coronets) of ancient rulers. More recently wreaths have come to symbolize renewal and the eternal cycle of seasons.

Take a virtual stroll through photos of some of our local favorites.