Morning Minute: Friday, July 19, 2019

News About Town: In 2013 the town council approved a text amendment for the Unified Development Ordinance that created the current procedure for approving murals in Matthews. The amendment, created with the intent to have the Parks and Rec Advisory Committee approve public art, was unanimously approved by the commission, several of whom are current members (Paul Bailey, Jeff Miller, Kress Query, and John Urban). At the time Bailey clarified he, “doesn’t want the perception that the policy could be changed simply to avoid putting up a certain mural. He wants to be sure the language is defensible, and to do that everyone needs to know who is doing what throughout the approval process.”

Since that time, Park and Rec has installed seven murals and as many sculptures.

In May, after thirteen months of planning and coordinating, the Parks and Rec Advisory Committee was ready to move forward with the botanically themed design by Charlotte arts collective Wall Poems. The design includes a poem by NC farmer and Poet Laureate AR Ammons.

The agenda item was pulled from the May 28, 2019 council meeting at the beginning of the meeting. During public comment one Charlotte resident/Matthews business owner noted lack of public input on the project and felt the the design was inappropriate for the location.

This Monday, the board will receive information on a new process for public art approval. The agenda does not mention whether the new process will replace the 2013-3 Text Amendment.

The proposed mural mural by Charlotte arts nonprofit Wall Poems

The proposed mural mural by Charlotte arts nonprofit Wall Poems

News About Town II: Today is the last day to file for candidacy in Matthews. So far there are three mayoral candidates: Paul Bailey, John Higdon, and Jason Majewski. For commissioners: Ben Bash, Dave Bland, Allen Crosby, Barbara Dement, Renee Garner, Gina Hoover, Ken McCool, Jeff Miller, Mark Tofano, John Urban, and Larry Whitley have filed.

News About Town (Amended): In yesterday’s morning minute we incorrectly stated "Blythe Construction" is working on the Trade St. The contractor is Blythe Development.

One Good Thing: Need to get out of the house for some grown up time tonight? Charlotte Allstars Gymnastics (11011 Monroe Rd, Matthews) is hosting open gym tonight fro 6 to 9 pm. Drop the kids off and go find something fun to do (or sit and stare off into space and enjoy the quiet?) while they bounce, tumble, and fill their bellies with pizza. The cost of $20 ($15 for members) is less than that of a babysitter. Time to hit the clubs.