What about Bob?

All photos courtesy Bob Aycock

All photos courtesy Bob Aycock

If you ever get a chance to sit down with Bob Aycock, you better have some time on your hands. It’s not because he talks too much, but because he’s got a lot going on. A former CMS art teacher, avid chicken keeper, father of four (plus two pups), and raised-bed gardener, there’s more to him than meets the eye.

One thing is for sure: Matthews is and has been a constant through Bob’s life.

Bob’s family moved from Charlotte to Matthews in the 80s. A product of Matthews Elementary (then Randolph and East Meck), he left Matthews for college at UNC Wilmington where he graduated with an arts degree.

It was a trip back home that brought Bob and his wife, Jen, together when they ended up carpooling from UNCW to Matthews. Not long after, Bob proposed to Jen in the gazebo in front of Town Hall on Christmas night. Now the two are raising their kids Robert, William, Elisabeth, and Gretchen here.

After teaching for CMS, Bob happened into marketing, which evolved into social media gigs. He knows social media inside and out and is using that knowledge to bring prominent Matthews nonprofits into the social media age. Starting with rebuilding the Matthews Woman’s Club Service League website, he’s now working on rebuilding websites for the Matthews Historical Foundation, Reid House, and Matthews Heritage Museum.


He knows social media inside and out and is using that knowledge to bring prominent Matthews nonprofits into the social media age.

Sitting on the town’s Historic Preservation Advisory Committee as well as the Matthews Historical Foundation (where he serves as 2nd Vice President on the Board), Bob works on expanding their presence on Facebook and Instagram.

All of that busy-ness aside, family remains Bob’s priority. He’s sentimental, as evidenced by his love for Disney. The family hens (Merriweather, Vidia, Tinkerbell, and Rosetta) named after Disney fairies, likely spark as much joy for Bob as his kids.


Holidays are full of wonder for the Aycocks; especially Halloween and Christmas. There’s something magical about both that he likes to recreate for his kids. Each holiday has its own family traditions, starting with a Halloween tree. By Christmas, there’s a decorated tree in almost every room in the house. Of course, there’s a little bit of tech involved, at the Aycock house, Santa’s Mailbox is a Google Doc.

Want to know more? Bob and Jen, own and write WineCarolinas.Com as a way to “to celebrate the charming wineries around us and highlight the rich variety of wines they produce.” Follow him on Instagram for adventures around #MatthewsNC and beyond!