Morning Minute: Thursday, June 20, 2019

News About Matthews: Prior to the Monday, June 24 Board of Commissioners meeting, the commissioners will meet at 5:30 to discuss the constitutionality of Board led invocations at council meetings. This is the second d time the board will discuss the topic, the first time largely centered about d the Rowan County Fourth Circuit ruling for a similar situation.


News Around Town: There is a lot of discussion about the sheriff’s department and undocumented immigrants in Mecklenburg County, especially with the HB370 progressing to the state senate. Sheriffs’ offices are clarifying their role in immigration. The Federal Government does not force Law Enforcement to follow their policies, which is how 287g came about as an opt in program. DHS/ICE must follow the same legal steps as any other federal and state agencies to detain a person and cannot force sheriffs to cooperate. Once a person is detained, it is up to the magistrate or judge to determine bond or details of release. Sheriffs are, at that point, required to follow those orders.

One Fun Thing: The lawyers of Garrity & Gossage LLP and Dessi Dufresni of Edward Jones are partnering up with a seminar series: Women, Wine, & Wisdom. The three seminars will cover a variety of topics geared toward women, including financial planning, common legal questions, and estate planning. About that wine...seminars start at 5 pm at The Black Chicken Market (131 Matthews Station St.) on the following Mondays: June 24, September 30, and November 18. To register, or for more info, call 704-841-0664.