Morning Minute: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

News About Town: Last night the Town Council discussed a Special Assessment for four roads in the Streamside Subdivision. The Special Assessment is the process determined by the NCGA for homeowners to petition the town for the needed improvements. The streets were built by private developer Simmons & Beyers, LLC, but were not completed to town standards. Between 2012 and 2014, the town and the developer tried finding an agreement so the town could take over and begin upkeep. That agreement was never reached and now the streets, stormwater drainage, and sidewalks are in disrepair. The issue will come back before the Board at their Monday, July 8 regular meeting.

GrillingInfographicBIG2019 (1).jpg

News Around Town: With warm weather comes more frequent grilling. Make sure you stay safe and actually get to eat that burger. {If the fire department has to pay you a visit, it’s likely everything will end up wet and not in a fun, pool party kind of way.}
We asked Fire Chief Kinniburgh for some safety tips. He advised to make sure your grill is on stable ground and keep it away from pine needles and dry grass. Additionally, if you’re using charcoal, let it cool down in a metal container with a metal lid away from flammable liquids and materials. Mecklenburg County's Wipe Out Waste added once the charcoal is completely cooled, toss it in your rollout garbage bin.

One Good Thing: If you’re a fan of dried meat, today is your day: Happy National Jerky Day! Head to the closest gas station, grab a handful of heavily salted protein, and throw the confetti. It’s time to celebrate!