2810[high]5: A Walk in Purser-Hulsey Park

If you haven’t been to Purser-Hulsey Park (13201 Phillips Rd ), one of the newest additions to the Matthews parks system, we have the low down on what to expect. PurSey Park (because let’s face, it, I can’t say the name correctly to save my life) consists of a community garden and a wooded bike and hiking trail. Future build-out may include an upgrade to the entrance and parking lot, the addition of a dog park, a pond and pier for fishing, as well as a possible expansion to the community garden.

2810high5 getting lost.jpg

Getting lost in the woods: You’ll forget you’re in the suburbs. Be prepared to get lost in your thoughts.

terrain park.jpg

Wear walking shoes: You’ll want to keep going, but you can’t do it if you don’t have good shoes. The walk has some hills but it’s the tree roots you have to watch out for.


You’re walking through Matthews history: You’re first greeted by the community garden shed, a relocated outbuilding from property on Idlewild Road. Along the trails you’ll see rusty metal and worn down fences; a reminder that this property used to be a farm.

flora park.jpg

Examine the flora: You’ll see natives like club moss, wild ginger, and wild grapes, as well as

invasives (there’s no shortage of kudzu.)

rocks park.jpg

Take your cell phone and go rock hunting: If you’re a member of Matthews Rocks, post your finds!