Morning Minute: Thursday, April 18, 2019

News About Town: The agenda is posted on the Town website for Monday’s Board of Commissioners meeting. The Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resource Department Advisory Committee will present their recommendations to rename the temporarily-named Rice Road Park. Under consideration are: Boyd Park, Selma Burke Park, and Rice Park. The Advisory Committee recommends Boyd Park, in honor of Sam and Viola Boyd. The Boyds were Crestdale residents and community advocates who connected community residents with county resources and played a major role in integrating Crestdale students into Mecklenburg County schools.

News Around Town: If you haven’t been counting, there are 6 more weeks of CMS school. The Hampton Green neighborhood has been counting and spent the past couple of months getting pool ready. The nieghborhood pool is under repairs and a facelift and will be open in time for the May 11 Hampton Green Swim Club opening. To that we say, “Canonball!!”

One Fun Thing: Two more days to play! The Beacster Egg Hunt continues and we have more and more participants daily! Hop on over to the Latest News and see what you can find. Check out the hints we post on Facebook, too. AND the egg in this post counts as one, so send Norah an email to let her know you found it. For all the rules, check out this post.