Morning Minute: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

News About Town: It's National Telecommunicators Week! Telecommunicators are the people who take your emergency calls, provide instructions while you wait for first responders, and do their best to be a voice of calm reassurance at the worst of times. It's a stressful and often thankless job. Renee recently went behind the scenes with the telecommunication director for the Matthews Police Department. Join us in thanking them for their service! 

beacster eggs.jpg

News Around Town: Taxes are done, and it’s time to celebrate—with plants! Tax day happens to be the frost-safe date for Matthews (growing zone 7b), so we should be in the clear for planting those frost tender annuals like tomatoes and squash. In double good news, it’s still cool enough to grow leafy greens and cabbages, so you can grow the best of both worlds.

One Fun Thing: Since it’s Spring Break, we’re having some fun! Each day we’re hiding Beacster Eggs around the site: 5 each day and a bonus on the post explaining the rules. Find the eggs, let us know where you found them, and you get fun swag!