Morning Minute: Thursday, February 14, 2019

News About Town: The Tree and Appearance Board showed their love for the trees at this past Monday’s Council Meeting. Debbie Foster presented the minutes from the previous T&AB meeting. Those minutes included suggestions for the property at the corner of McKee and Weddington Road (adjacent to Windsor Run) such as creating  a Town-owned tree nursery for future landscaping needs of the Town. T&AB also approved the tree and plant list, which moved it forward to the Board of Commissioners. (The Board of Commissioners approved the list at the Monday, February 11 Council meeting). T&AB Also presented methods for removing invasive plants such as wisteria from town property; the use of goats to eat the plants is one suggestion, another is a targeted use of Round-Up.

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News Around Town: Over the past decade, Arts and Science Council funding has dropped 48% due to less giving (by both individuals and businesses). As a result, a study committee created by the ASC examined ways to keep the cultural sector funded and determined dedicated funding through sales tax is the best approach. ASC is asking for 1/10 of one cent from authorized-yet-unused sales tax (a portion of the quarter-cent increase approved by the NC General Assembly in 2009) as the dedicated funding. This use of sales tax requires approval and will be put to a public vote. Matthews groups that receive funds from ASC include, but are not limited to, Matthews Playhouse, Project Art Aid, and the Town of Matthews Parks and Rec department. Previous IRS Form 990s may be found here.

One Good Thing: The Mecklenburg County Cooperative Extension has partnered with the Matthews Library to bring Master Gardener volunteers in regularly to discuss current topics in home gardening and answer questions. Saturday, February 16th at 1:00 p.m. is the next event, where Master Gardener Hallie Walker will provide an introduction to pruning shrubs. These events are not to be missed for aspiring gardeners with less than green thumbs. Register here.