Morning Minute: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

We asked our intern, Sterling, to summarize Monday’s Town Council meeting from a student’s perspective. This morning’s News About Town is her view of small-town government in Matthews (Or BOC meeting):

I walked into a room with a large crest of Matthews, NC at the head with flags adorning each side. The mayor, Paul Bailey, was seated in the middle of a large dais with the board of commissioners circling around; I never knew that all of this was right above the Matthews library, where I had been going my whole life. The crowd included everyone from firefighters who were there in support of Kerry Ernsberger, Matthew’s Employee of the Year, to a boy scout troop, who were working on their communications badge. I was surprised that the atmosphere of the meeting was both formal and casual being that it followed an ordered agenda but with the occasional joke from one of the commissioners. It was thought-provoking to see what topics were being discussed, even if most were passed unanimously; it ranged from the general issue of the effects of traffic on Matthews to the more abstract approval of Matthew’s new “vision statement” for the future. From the concerns raised here in Matthews, I could make a connection to environmental, safety, and political concerns locally as well as nationally, despite it only being considered a small town government. At the end, I shook hands with the mayor and the assistant town manager, which is something I never envisioned myself doing as a high school student.

Photo by Norah Burke

Photo by Norah Burke

News Around Town: Grey Gardens, The Musical opens Friday evening at Fullwood Theater in the Community Center. Directed by Billy Ensley (an area theater mainstay), is sure to captivate. The play, based on the “riches to rags” story of Jackie O’s famously eccentric aunt (Big Edie) and cousin (Little Edie), is the first musical on Broadway ever to be adapted from a documentary. Multiple performances over the next two weekends provide plenty of opportunities to see the show. February 1 -10, 2019, recommended for 13+ years.

One Good Thing: Guild of Charlotte Artists is hosting a Small Works Show at Novant Matthews. Artists are welcome to enter paintings smaller than 12 inches in any dimension on Saturday from 10 AM to 12 PM at Novant Health Matthews. Drop off up to three paintings and include an entry fee (members $25, non-members $65, which includes 2019 membership. The show ends March 1 and pick-up for art is March 2, from 11 AM til noon in the hospital lobby.