Matthews Morning Minute: September 25, 2018

News About Town: The Town uses asphalt preservation methods as strategic upkeep on town maintained roads. Fullwood Lane will be milled then resurfaced, starting Wednesday. Lane closures are necessary, but all lanes will be open during peak commuting hours.

A newly resurfaced Matthews road.

A newly resurfaced Matthews road.

News Above Town: Wait. Did we say something about fall? Psych. No rain in the forecast but those temps are climbing back up to the mid-80s.

News Around Town: In 1978 Wayne Haigler, a Matthews native and local shop owner, felt helpless against demolition of significant local buildings. Haigler decided to preserve downtown Matthews through illustrating those buildings in the downtown area. He then used his drawings as the basis for cross stitch designs, which he meticulously stitched.

The Matthews Heritage Museum has four of Haigler’s designs. One piece, the Reid House, is needed to complete the series. If you have any idea of its whereabouts, please contact the museum.


One Good Thing: The Town of Matthews Park and Rec Department and the Matthews Playhouse are hosting a student (K through 12) art contest. The theme for this contest is “Celebrating Friendship” in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month in October. Entries due by October 14, 2018.