Matthews Town Budget Fiscal year 18/19: Funding the Firemen

fire station.jpg

The next #MatthewsNC Town Council meeting is Tuesday, May 29 in Town Hall.

Items of note: This meeting will include a public comment period for the FY 18-19 budget.

The proposed budget includes a 1.5-cent property tax increase which would be designated to fund 10 full-time employees for the  Matthews Fire Department.

What does this mean?

  • An increase of 1.5-cent would increase the property tax bill on a $300,000 home by $45 annually and raises an additional $525,000 in revenue. The increase could potentially be offset by savings with insurance.

What else is in the budget?

  • $30,000 for economic development ($20,000 given to nonprofit Red Brick Partnership and $10,000 toward economic events and projects.)

  • The town received $1,000,000 for park improvements. (It is anticipated this will go toward 20 acres of open space at McKee and Pleasant Plains, adjacent to the Erickson Development, but is not necessarily ear-marked for that particular project.)