Morning Minute: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

News About Town: The Board of Commissioners voted this past Monday night to unanimously support a list of Legislative Priorities, which range from standard (“Government Closest to the People Governs Best” seems to appear annually) to those more specific to actions the Board has taken in the past year. One point is expanding methods for local funding and municipal school funding. The Board largely supports the 2019-20 NC League of Municipalities Legislative Goals, with exception to language in number 9: the ability to “seek legislation that supports adequate, fair school funding between state and county in all school systems across the state by repealing municipal authority to fund schools.” The Board does not support repealing their municipal authority to fund schools. The Board supported adding three points to the Legislative Agenda, including asking for reinstatement of Protest Petitions in zoning cases.


News Around Town: The recent closing of Cafe 157 on Trade Street has left a large building vacant in the downtown Matthews area. There is little info on what’s to come, but the building has been leased by Anthony Kearney, owner of Tilt on Trade and 204 North.

cotton gin red for ed.jpg

One Good Thing: Cotton Gin Printing and Graphics (located on Cotton Gin Alley) has #RedForEd items for a little while longer. Buy magnets and tee shirts to support your favorite educator online and then pick your order up in the Matthews shop. Our local economy and North Carolina teachers will be eternally grateful.