Outdoor Bootcamp for Modern-Day Gladiators

Fitness Camp I.jpg

Driving past Stumptown Park, drivers may catch a glimpse of men and women working out in a variety of ways. Called “Camp Gladiator,” they’re seeing individuals participating in an outdoor-only fitness boot camp, which offers classes three times/week;  three times a day to nearly 60 clients.

Based on increasing interest, Stumptown Park is one of two workout locations for Camp Gladiator franchise owner and born and raised Matthews resident/personal trainer, Jeff Kelly, 27. He hopes to double that number by early next year.

Fitness Camp.jpg

While average age is 25-45, this year-round camp is intended for “all fitness levels. It’s a go-at-your-pace boot camp,” said Kelly, adding that he’s “here to push you….(It’s for those who) want to maintain their health and fitness or they want to get back to where they (once) were.”

“Our campers can bring their kids – several bring babies in strollers and (their) children,” he said.  “One camper uses her child as a weight,” he added, laughing.

Gladiator offers 10 five-week camps each year;  themes are structured around endurance training, strength and agility, metabolic training, peak and a wrap-up week.

Kelly said he’s thrilled to be bringing a sport he loves to a town he loves even more.