Morning Minute: November 26, 2018

News About Town: The Town of Matthews broke ground on Rice Road Park this past August. As a part of the park’s construction, a contractor will be laying a new pipe under Rice Road between November 26 – 30.  That portion of the road will be closed to through traffic during this period. Residents in the area will still have access.

Drivers are instructed to use Williams Road and Sam Newell Road as the alternate routes.

Rice Road Park is expected to be complete in early 2019. 


News Around Town: Deer mating season typically occurs during the month of November in the NC Piedmont region. This means their behavior will be more erratic than usual, especially between 5 to 8 AM and 6 to 10 PM. Since suburban roads cross through habitat areas, and deer behavior can be unpredictable, auto-to-deer collisions increase significantly during the mating season. Use extra caution when driving at dawn and dusk, particularly on roads through wooded areas. (H/T to Charlotte Haryan on for the info.)


One Good Thing: If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by the holiday fury, Joanna Clausen of NEST Organizing has just what you need. In her workshop Organizing Skills and Tips: Organizing for the Holidays Clausen will provide tips to organize everything holiday-related. She’ll cover organizing your time and events, give tips on getting holiday cards out the door, and ways to make sure all the presents get wrapped. 

Organizing Skills and Tips: Organizing for the Holidays, Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Matthews Library Community Room. Register here.